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Dorothy (Blunk) Perales

Pearls of Yesteryear, Revisited... PERSONALIZED

"Pearls of Yesteryear, Revisited"  PERSONALIZED
Did you visit Family Tree list and find your deceased relatives?  If you did, Get your USB Book Version HERE!  Contact Dottie for more details.

"Never put off tomorrow what you could do today".  You and your family members have a story to tell, listen to them and record it. Pass it on to your children and grandchildren.  Do it today, as we are never promised tomorrow.  We take time for granted. When loosing  someone close to us,  do you want to hear coming from your mouth "I should have...". 

This page was last updated: October 31, 2014
Site Created in May 1998
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This site no longer will post completed family tree.  Instead, a list of all deceased names in my tree will be abailable only through online site. 

Click on FAMILY TREE to see if you are connected to a deceased relative in my family tree

Pearls of Yesteryear, Revisited...
Personalized USB drive now available

All proceeds  will help keep this web-site and the cost to keep the research ongoing.

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